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Anonymous: Haaaah, I became a fan during January of 2013 when they were on that long ass break, but I remember harmoni***s. I thought it was hilarious, would've been cooler if we called ourselves harmoninjas, tho the ninjas part has no real significance but still.

i don’t……….really understand what was ever hilarious about that.

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Anonymous: WOW. You are strong for enduring that phase of the fandom.

hahahah ty ty for your appreciation for these fandom struggles we faced


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Tour Tips.

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Anonymous: wait, what slur did the fandom use to call itself?

anonymous said (2): Wow, the Harmonizers used to address themselves with a slurs? 0_o Sure glad I wasn’t around for that! (Fan since the NLT)

ahaha. yeah. unfortunately. basically they used the slang version of the n word so they called themselves harmoni***s

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Anonymous: so like. i joined the fandom around sept 2013 and ive been in it since but i feel like i missed out on so much lmao i feel like im not even a real fan bc most ppl have seen them grow since xfactor and ya idk do u think it was funner during 2012-early 2013 or now?

aw no first of all i want you to know that you are absolutely a ~real fan~. the fact that there’s even this concept of a “fake fan” is bullshit to begin with. like: step 1. you enjoy them. step 2. you’re a fan. tbh.

but regardless i absolutely understand what you mean bc of course there are plenty of people who have been around for a long time but i would gladly assure you that there are plenty who haven’t!!!! and i guarantee you there are some people who have just begun discovering them this month, thisĀ week. so. you know. you’re definitely not alone.

personally, for me, i think the experience has only gotten better and better? i think they’ve really started to settle on a sound and i think they’ve grown so much as people in their awareness of themselves and the world around them. it’s 2014 camila who’s talking about clothing and women’s bodies and feminism and it’s 2014 fifth harmony who’s making a clear claim about their purpose to unify girls. it’s 2014 fifth harmony who have a song that includes the line I AIN’T TALKIN ABOUT YOU I’M TALKIN TO MY OWN REFLECTION

for me, as fandom’s expanded so have the awesome people in it, and so i’ve gotten to find more rad people. and, although i still have a lot of problems with this fandom, i think on the whole it’s gotten significantly less painful than in 2012/2013. 5h and their fans have grown. 2014 fandom at large doesn’t address itself using a slur anymore (embarrassing to say that’s one of the benefits AND YET).

and the girls have opened up so much!!!! and we’ve seen so many different parts to them and so many different interactions and bonds and what i’m saying is i think it’s only going up ^____^

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Anonymous: there was a girl saying that they were changing in front of emblem 3 bcs they were in a hurry

hahaha okay yeah that i would definitely believeĀ 

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#girlfriends who play together stay together

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Anonymous: so the girls say they strip in elevators (or at least they used to) but what the hell does that mean? i mean how do they do that??? how does someone strip in a freaking elevator i can't imagine it and if you can please give me some hint about what does that mean bc i'm completely clueless here

hahaha well you know there used to be that running joke asking them ~what happened in the elevator~ because they made an evasive reference to it so that was a Thing and then camila did answer “strip” to that one ask on tumblr sooooo either she was messing with us and avoiding the actual answer OR if that really did happen i’m gonna assume they had to change in a hurry for some reason and a strip show ensued

but we may never know what Really Happened

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