September 19, 2014

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@camila_cabello: he bit my nose seconds after TRAVIESO

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@normanikordei: at forty-four minutes to four an angel walked up to my door opened the windows to my soul told me he thinks that I should know … 💙

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@dinahjane97: What you know bout that Back bend doee - Normani Kordei & camEEla cabeYo

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Anonymous: Dinah's little cute head shake while looking and CAMILA and then her little smile and her eyes just looking at CAMILA like SHES a piece of something genuine good in the world and just DINAH thinking how happy she is she's got this dork who makes horrible jokes in her life

i love them so so so so much ;____; dinah looking over at camila so much of the time or when she (herself) says something dumb or when camila says something dumb and they’re so happy to have each other!!!!! sometimes i get so emotional that this whole process brought them to each other and then i just wonder how they must feel

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lauren trying to conclude the orchestra (x)

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sometimes you realize that you haven’t made a follow forever type post in years and when this happens it must be rectified immediately

i love you all a lot (and if your name is bolded i suggest you hover over it)


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